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Besides offering spectacular scenery over the surface, divers can also find amazing sceneries below the surface consisting of an abundant marine life. Despite the recent damaging impact of the tsunami, the deeper waters have remained comparatively intact. If divers are willing to dive in Koh Phi Phi or in other small islands, then Krabi would be the most appropriate base. Ao Nang is where the majority of the local diving operators are based and it is around 30mins drive away from the town of Krabi.

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Vinícius July 26, 2017

Hello. I’m planning a trip at the end of the year to Thailand and I would like to know about diving for beginners. Where does the PADI course for beginners take place? Is it avaiable in Phi Phi, or just in Railay? What time does it begin and finish? Thank you.


Angeline August 09, 2017

staying at Islanda Hideaway Resort from Thursday to Sunday and keen to dive 🙂 2 people advanced and 2 need a refresher course before doing dives. Can you let me know costs and if you can collect us from the resort?


Han August 28, 2017

I would like to book diving, thanks!


Yasmin August 29, 2017


My daughter (14) and I are coming to Railay in February 2018 and we’re interested in having an intro to Scuba. Please could you tell me what would be the best option for us, how much it would cost for 1 adult and 1 child and what the timings would be ie. is it a full day trip?

I look forward to hearing more details.

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes,



jeff September 12, 2017


I will be in railay in early December and would love to do a day trip. I have advanced certification with 26 dives but haven’t dived since 2012.

What is the best trip for me? Does a day trip include the standard 3 dives or is there time for more?


Steinar September 24, 2017

HI! I have Advanced divinglevel from 1995 and ca.500 dives up till now. I have lost my Advanced card, but my diveshop in Trondheim, Norway tells me no cards are neccesery anymore, that divecenters all over the world can look up my name and courses on if you have my name and birth date.
I will arrive Railey Sand resort 2.Oct and I really want to do some dives during my stay. Can you please tell me if my divecenter in Norway is correct? Please respond urgently.
Yours sincerely


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