Seven Seas Liveaboard

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The Seven Seas is everything that a perfect liveaboard should be. For anyone who wants to dive in the fantastic waters surrounding the Indonesian islands, whether through a dive cruise or by chartering a yacht, The Seven Seas is the right solution. It undertakes cruises to all the interesting dive sites of Indonesia in various combinations, thus becoming an entry ticket to the fantabulous vibrant life that the sea hides beneath its calm.

Seven Seas

The Seven Seas Liveaboard

The Seven Seas is built in the conventional Indonesian style. It is made of Borneo ironwood, one of the strongest and heaviest woods in the world, and has a length of 45 metres (LOA – the length of the hull). The vessel is designed to house 16 people in its 8 rooms and is built to the luxury standards of present-day Indonesian liveaboards. The way it is built, it can be used for diving, cruising, island hopping, or just plain leisure entertainment.

Seven Seas Liveaboard Video

The Seven Seas runs trips to many places like Banda Sea, Komodo, East of Flores, Deep South Komodo, Raja Ampat, and Forgotten Islands. It is fashioned and adapted in every way to make it absolutely stable in the waters of Indonesian islands, and to make the journey enjoyable to the travellers.

The “Coral Triangle” is an area of incredible beauty. It is the heart of global marine biodiversity. The variety of marine animals that one sees in this tropical-water triangle can rarely, if at all, be seen anywhere else. It is to these fantastic dive sites that the Seven Seas will take you.

The amenities that make the Seven Seas cruise absolutely enjoyable and safe:

  • There are eight staterooms, four of which are twin and the other four double
  • All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and hot water showers
  • Rooms are air-conditioned
  • There is a spacious dining area and lounge
  • There is also a shaded outside lounge plus a big sundeck
  • Dive deck is quite spacious
  • Fine cuisine with a good selection of wines
  • Diving gear, snorkel equipment, and Nitrox can be hired

The sheltered lounging areas and the cabins with elegant teak furniture are among the many features that ensure customer comfort. The navigation system and safety provisions are the best and latest, and there are three speed boats. The satellite communication is flawless and continuous.

Our crew is among the best in the field. The two Western cruise directors bring to the job their expertise and experience of leading cruises on various oceans across the world. The eighteen-man Indonesian crew is professional to the core, and fully committed to maintaining high standards. Together they ensure that you will have the most unforgettable trip of your life.

The sea is powerful and beautiful, alluring and challenging. Different people choose to enjoy her in different ways. Be it diving, snorkelling, fishing, sea kayaking, or organizing beach parties, we can do it to your fullest satisfaction. We are here to organize your adventure holidays. And if you just want to relax and enjoy the sea, we have provision for that too. Spa, yoga, massage – many are the services that we provide, though some of these may be seasonal.


The Seven Seas liveaboard can house up to 16 guests across its 8 comfortable and cozy cabins.

The boat has 4 twin staterooms and 4 double staterooms available. Each double stateroom has a king size bed whilst the twin staterooms have larger than normal single beds. Each cabin is furnished with high quality furniture and finishings and all cabins are en-suite. The bathrooms have powerful showers, full-size toilets and wash basins.

4 Double Bed Cabins

There are 2 double cabins situated on the upper deck and two on the lower deck. Each of the rooms has a king size bed with the upper deck cabins boasting a great sea view whilst the lower deck cabins have portholes to allow natural light to filter in.

4 Twin Cabins

All twin cabins can be found on the boat’s lower deck and have portholes for extra light. Two of the cabins have 1 double bed with a single bed above it while two of the cabins have a bunk bed with 2 single beds above each other.

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