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This wreck dive is one of the most requested dives in the Coron Island area as it is one of the largest of the wrecks that can be dived. This wreck lies in a range of 17 to 38 meters and has a length of around 118 meters. The boat itself was a Japanese Seaplane carrier and was a very large warship. The ship was almost ripped into two pieces when she was hit by a torpedo and divers can see clearly the huge damage made to the ship when she was sunk. This damage provides easy access for divers to enter the different parts of the boat.

Divers can spot the crane that was used for lifting seaplanes from the ocean and it is intact and lying on the ocean bed. It hosts many barracudas and giant batfish that have claimed it as a residence.

Divers can also spot a mounted anti-aircraft gun at the front of the wreck. As the wreck is deep, and as there are still some hazards from the metal parts of the boat, swim throughs are not allowed on the wreck unless divers have the wreck diving certification. Wreck divers can penetrate some areas including the engine room where the four large engines are clearly visible. The bridge section has collapsed but divers can still see the radio tower. Divers must be very careful on the dive, as sometimes-live ammunition has been found on the wreck.

Marine life includes many giant groupers, sweet lips, batfish, lionfish, scorpion fish, and schools of yellow fin tuna but most of the attractions of this dive are within the boat itself.

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Ellis Derkx January 21, 2018

In Coron Bay in the Philippines, you can dive several wrecks from ships which were attacked by the US forces in 1944

Today I will dive the wreck of the Japanese flight deck ship ‘Akitsushima’ and I’m all excited! Being a deep dive with about 10 metres visibility and doing penetration of some decks and the engine room, this is only a dive for experienced divers.

The wreck is in one word spectacular! Although it’s all about the wreck and a bit less about the marine life, there are schools of fish hanging around the radio tower, I see a ray inside the wreck and there are many lionfish and macro life all over it. I immerse myself back in time to my imagination.

The wreck is pretty intact other than a big crack separating the crane and back part from the rest of the ship. You can see many guns and the radio tower. If this is not obvious, I can recommend bringing a good torch.


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