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Koh Tao is the most famous scuba diving learning zone of Southeast Asia, where thousands of students from all over the world are trained every year to develop their skills from novice divers all the way to Divemasters and professional divers.

Due to its remoteness Koh Tao is only accessible by boat and boasts no airport. This island remains one of the last true tropical paradises in Southeast Asia.

For Scuba Divers and snorkelers alike, Koh Tao offers a hidden underwater treasure, with an impressive variety of marine life.

Maybe you would like to spend your days relaxing in the shallow crystal clear waters of Mango Bay, viewing the many corals and fish.

For those who prefer the challenge of deeper sites, try Chumporn and South West Pinnacles. Home to the mighty Barracuda and Grouper and seasonally visited by the majestic Whaleshark and Manta Rays.

Koh Tao definitely has something to offer everyone.

Dive Sites

Koh Tao island focused on diving and offers 25 dive sites, with the majority close the island. Average depths are approximately 14m to 18m with deeper offshore dive sites going down to 30m or more.

Please find below a list of some of the popular dive sites:

Chumporn Pinnacle

Located about 11km. Northwest of Koh Tao, Chumporn pinnacle(or Chumphon pinnacle) is widely regarded as one of the Gulf’s premier dive sites. The site itself is comprises of one huge main granite pinnacle and a series of smaller pinnacles rising from the bottom at 36m to within 14m of the surface, with an average dive depth of approximately 20m and is carpeted with anemones with their attendant pink clown fishes.

To the south of the main site lies Barracuda Rock which, as it’s name suggests, usually hosts large shoals of Great Barracuda.

On the main part of the site divers can expect to encounter Batfish, Trevally, large Groupers, as well as huge shoals of Fusiliers and Rabbit fish. Less common, but still available to see, are the Spanish Mackerel, and some Paddlefin Trigger fish. For those with keen eyes it is also possible to see Scorpionfish lazing on the rocks.

Chumporn pinnacle also plays host to seasonal visits by Whale sharks and their attendant Cobias and Remoras, plus the occasional Manta. A memorable experience for every diver !

Green Rock

One of the outlying dive sites to the north of Koh Nang Yuan island; Green Rock has its own special attractions for divers in the form of many varied swim throughs and the lunar like landscape created by nesting Yellow Margin Triggerfish.

With a depth range of 3m to 30m most divers will find this site within their capabilities. The insides of the caverns and the undersides of outcroppings are home to many brightly coloured soft corals and sponges, while the outer parts of the site play host to shoals of electric Blue Damsel fish, Tube Anemones with tiny translucent shrimps (for those with keen eyesight) Emperors, Angel fish and the occasional Turtle.

Just to the northwest of the main pinnacle, lying in 22m depth, is the ‘Trigger Pit”. This area is one of the primary breeding grounds for the resident Yellow Margin triggerfish around Koh Tao. It is characterized by the large nesting hollows excavated by the breeding pairs which are usually guarded by vigilant parents to be, who spend most of their day chasing away unwelcome egg thieves, and other Triggers looking for a nesting spot. During the breeding season spectacular displays, resembling World War One aerial dogfights, can be seen over the ‘Trigger Pit’ by protective families.

Koh Nang Yuan Bay 3 (Twins)

Nestled in a bay between the three islands of Koh Nang Yuan, Twins consists of two main pinnacles, and a smaller, deeper “little brother”. A perfect site for both training activities, and a leisurely fun dive, the pinnacles range in depth from 5m to 18m, and are surrounded by soft white sand dotted with the unusual symbiotic relationships of Goby fish and their blind-shrimp housemates.

Twins offers divers the chance to see the larger groupers normally only spotted at depth on the more remote dive sites. Blue-Ringed angelfish and the striking yellow Raccoon Butterfly fish are abundant, along with a host of varied Parrotfish and wrasse. Combined with green, blue, and red anemones this is one of the islands most colourful dive sites.

Venture south a short distance across the sand to encounter “Mork” and “Mindy”, a friendly pair of the uncommon Saddleback Clownfish, then back to the East pinnacle for the best safety stop on the island with a school of around 500 curious, small Yellowtail Barracuda.

Koh Tao’s East Side

The sparsely populated east side of the island boasts a number of unusual dive sites. Sites here include Lighthouse, a favourite place for turtle spotting, Hin Wong Pinnacle with its stunning blue soft corals at 26m. Laem Tien for exploring a series of connected swim-throughs and canyons, and Aow Leuk Point with cornfield like areas of whip corals. These sites also offer the chance of encountering Banded Sea Snakes, Unicorn Surgeonfish and the occasional passing Black-tip and Grey Reef sharks.

From this side of the island the lush, steep jungle, slopes make a magnificent backdrop. On a clear day divers on the surface can enjoy views of neighboring Koh Phangan and Koh Samui.

Sharks, Schooling Fish and Pelagic Fish

The colourful splendour of the of the coral reef itself with it’s attendant reef fish and invertebrates plays host to many of Koh Tao’s larger, more dramatic individuals. We often see schooling fishes in great numbers drawn by the need for food, provided in abundance at the reef. Schooling species include Java Rabbitfish, Dusky Batfish, Goldbar and Yellowtailed Fusilier, Queenfish, Chevron and Yellowtail Barracuda, and Big Eye Trevally.

Other, more leisurely, visitors occasionally include Manta’s and Whale Sharks, which are drawn by the seasonal abundance of plankton in our warm waters.

Diving Conditions


Generally it is hot and drier from December 15 to the end of April. July and August can be windy with some light rain during part of the day or night. September through November can have excellent weather with occasional tropical storms passing through. The weather on Koh Tao is acceptable most of the year with an increasing number of visitors choosing the slower seasons to enjoy relaxed island life and lower bungalow costs.

Dice centers rarely cancel diving due to wind because there is always a sheltered bay somewhere around the island where it’s possible can dive.


The best months are mid December through the end of April, with lower visibility in May and June. After June visibility increases until October. In November the annual monsoon season starts.

The average visibility is approximately 15 meters most of the year, with periods of up to 30 meters.


The water temperature around Koh Tao is usually about 28°C/29°C, with the warmest temperatures rising to 30°C Celsius in April and the coldest in November where it may drop to 25°C.

The air temperature runs from 25°C to 34°C, with the hottest days in April, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

Learning to Dive in Koh Tao

Starting from the basic introductory course, all levels of dive training courses are offered in Koh Tao. Besides dive master courses, specialized course in underwater photography, nitrox diving, night diving and many others are also offered here. There are more than 50 dive centers in Koh Tao offering mostly either PADI or SSI dive training certification.

Pro Diving Certifications in Koh Tao

Divemaster internship courses and Instructor Training Courses (IDC) are also conducted in Koh Tao. Instructor Development Centers are generally organized at popular dive resorts once in two months. Since Koh Tao is recognized as the most famous diving training area in Thailand, instructor training courses are regularly held here.

A brief History of the Diving Industry in Koh Tao

When diving operations first started in Samui in Thailand, there were no resorts and the divers had to stay in thatched huts for the night in order to be near the dive site. The boats that transported them to the sites were small and crude.

Two years after diving operations started in Samui, some dive centers were opened in Koh Tao. By then facilities had improved, but even so divers had to rely on small fishing boats and there were no wetsuits.

Recognizing good dive sites was a difficult job then. Dive masters were dragged alongside the boats on ropes to identify the sites from the surface.

All this has now changed completely, with more than 50 excellent dive centers located in Koh Tao.

Since the early years, Koh Tao has come long way and become the leading area in South East Asia for professional level training. These days you can enroll in one every 8 weeks and choose from a variety of shops, packages and Course Directors. Other services have grown too, with many dive shops now able to offer you in-house videography, enriched air nitrox and a range of technical diving, speed boat diving, service technicians, oxygen provision training, diving insurance and a full range of equipment retail.

It’s new found fame and fortune has brought with it a new respect for the underwater world, organized beach clean-ups, rubbish collection services, reef conservation education programs and better communication.

Divers these days enjoy an unparalleled level of service and top quality diving at astonishingly competitive prices. And now I can enjoy a nice, cold, imported beer at the end of the day!

Snorkeling in Koh Tao

For those who have no deep interest in scuba diving but are still interested in underwater sights, snorkeling is a good option. Koh Tao has also other recreation provisions for visitors, like swimming and kayaking. Further, the lovely beaches that link the land and sea are themselves infinitely attractive, and you will never tire of enjoying the sceneries of the land and the views of the sea around.

Dive Centers

With more than 50 dive centers around Koh Tao, it’s easy to understand why this is one of the world’s hotspots for divers to get their Open Water Licence.

Scuba Junction

SCUBA JUNCTION is PADI 5* Resort (Professional Association of Dive Instructors)is located on the white sandy Sairee Beach in Koh Tao, Thailand.

Since its opening in 1995, it has been committed to quality, with the goal to bring European standards and safety to the Asian diving experience.

This has been achieved with International recognition in travel publications including the Lonely Planet, Lets Go, The Rouge Guide and Stefan Loose Travel.

With experienced multilingual staff, committed to personal attention and fun, plus high quality equipment, Scuba Junction can introduce you to the underwater wonders of the island.

Whether you are a beginner, looking for a single day diving experience or full certification, the highly qualified instructors will take care of you.

For the experienced diver, the Divemasters, specially trained in local aquatic life, will take you on memorable dives. For those who wish to further their learning, try one of the many continuing education courses.

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Liveaboard Reviews in Koh Tao

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Renata July 21, 2017

Good morning,
I would like to book a room for 3 person +1 Child(5 month) form 25 July to 2 August. What is a cost?


Kornelia July 22, 2017

We are interested in staying in a resort in Koh Tao for 8 nights.
There are 4 of us – 3 adults and 1 child (5 months old – don’t need additional bed).
Do you have free rooms in that time?
How much it costs?

Best regards,


Maud July 24, 2017


I booked a 3 days cruise with Unseen Tours Koh Tao, from August, the 11th, to August, the 13th.
If possible I’d like to book a room in a resort for the night before and for the night after, for 2 adults and a 8 years old kid.

Thank you.

Best Regards


Mali July 26, 2017

Hi There,

We ll arrived at Koh Tao at August 15th to August 21th.
We would like to book a bungalow with Fan in front of the sea..
How much it cost with the breakfast ?
Thanks in advance


Cristina August 28, 2017

Would you have a room for a couple with 4 girls? How much would it be from 30/12/17 to 3/1/18
Thanks so much!


JANATI August 29, 2017

I seek a bungalow in edge of sea for 2 to 4 people with air conditioning and wi-fi
Can you give me the rates, it would be from 28 March 2018 to 18 April 2018


Alexandra September 04, 2017

I have been in Koh Tao two years ago. Would like to ask if you have a bungalow available at the beach from 02.01.2018 to 13.01.2018, for 2 people?



Nut September 20, 2017

ต้องการ บุ๊คห้องคับ วันที่24ออก27 จำนวน3คน 3คืน


George October 01, 2017

Hi, many years ago Brian Sheldon, and his Thai lady had a dive operation on Koh Tao, called Big Fish, is this the same place, and are they still around?


Maxime Daigle October 14, 2017


Im a Padi divemaster looking for work. I just got to Samui last night from Canada. Im fluent in english, french, with some spanish. Im also interested in taking the instructor course if there’s one coming up.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!




    DiveGlobal October 14, 2017

    Hi Max,

    When you arrive in Koh Tao, you can rent a motorbike to check the more than 50 dive centers around the island and choose the one you like to work for. Many are 5* PADI IDC and propose instructor courses.

    Check the Dive Jobs Board.

    Good Luck!


Hung Chun October 19, 2017

Hi. I would like to ask few questions. I would like to book OW or OW+ AOW from 27-3-2018. My questions are:
1. When will the course end respectively?
2. Any discount for booking OW + AOW as a consecutive course?
3. What will the ending time for the last date? As I am deciding should I catch up the boat which leaves Koh Tao at 14:45
4. Do you provide accommodation service for candidate? How is the fee then?


Frederik October 19, 2017

Two of my friends are alread at your hotel and i would like to stay there, too.
I will arrive tomorrow and want to stay for two nights. Do you have a room for me?
Thanks in advance


Bille November 07, 2017

You have anyroom availble for longterm rent ?


Gavin November 10, 2017

Good day. We would like to book accommodation over the new year but would like to know if the standard bungalow has hot showers? Could you please confirm asap.


Melanie November 12, 2017

I would like to book a clean A/C Bungalow nearly the beach. I travel alone from the 3.1.17 until 10.1.17.
How much is it?
Greetings, Melanie


Giovanni November 20, 2017

I need a roOm for 2 Person And 1 Child from 26 of january To 8 of february with breakfast included Can you Tell The Price? Thank you


Amanda January 01, 2018

How much would two bungalows close to the beach for one night from the 17th to 18 January 2018 for 2 couples?
We are staying on koh Samui and would like to stay on the island for one night.
Thank you


Artur January 14, 2018


We are group of 6 and wand to visit Ko Tao and do some dives. Could you please send us a prices and options of accommodation available between 17-22.02.2018 ?
Many thanks


veronika January 19, 2018

do you have please, bungalow for 4 person, can be 2x 2 person, basic , just with fan and can be only cold water.
From 5.2. till 8.2 but probably longer. How much is it.
Thank you very much.


veronika January 19, 2018

I would like to ask if you have free bungalow for 4 person, from 5-8.2. ( or longer ).
Fan, cold water is good.
Thank you 🙂


Katja January 20, 2018

Hello, we are interested in your bungalows. 27.12.18-4.1.19. We like the bungalows in the first floor, away from street, near to beach. On the left side when you look from the street to the beach. How much are the bungalows? We also will do some fun dives. Kind regards, Katja


Eric January 24, 2018

Wedding Reception and Hotel Booking Details


My Fiancé and I are very excited to be able to plan a wedding reception in your beautiful Resort.

We have around 50 people coming to the island for 10 days and MANY of them will be staying at Big Fish resort and on the day of the wedding reception ( MAY 7th ) we would like to make arrangements to rent the Entire area for our CELEBRATION. (including access to kitchen for catering.)

May 2nd to May 12th

22 Rooms: Most Air con if available.

Thank you for you time,



Heather Yang February 27, 2018

I plan to travel to Kohsamui from April 3-April 7 2018 for Open water couse. hotel will be at Chaweng Beach, Bophut, Kohsamui. Can I live there and study OW couse in yours ? Or I must change the hotel?


Heather Yang


Daniele March 29, 2018

Hello, we are a couple with two children (3 and 10 years) and we would like to book an air-conditioned bungalow but we want to be sure that you can book. Booking tells us that in 4 people we have to book two 🙁

We would like to book from 11 to 18 August 2018, thanks for your reply.



Annick April 02, 2018


We are a family of four (two daugthers age 11 and 14). From the 11th of August until the 16th of August we would like to stay at Koh Tao. The location of your resort looks great. Therefore we would like to know what type of accommodation you could offer us. We prefer a separate room for the girls or two bungalows next to each other.
Kind regards


Janto S. H. July 01, 2018

Dear Khun Sir or Madame,

Can I ask you for your support? I am a PhD Student doing some research (for my PhD) on risk reduction and climate change of hotels, resorts, guesthouses in Koh Tao.

To finish my study, it would be great if the owner or manager of your business could share 9 minutes of her/his time to answer a few questions online. The answers will be anonymous and will be used for my independent research enabling me to graduate.

Throughout the upcoming week(s), I will also be in Koh Tao and hope that I will have the chance to meet you in person. In case you have any questions or prefer to complete the questionnaire on paper, please contact meThank you very much for your time and kind support.

Best wishes,
ฉันขอความช่วยเหลือจากคุณได้หรือไม่? ฉันเป็นนักศึกษาระดับปริญญาเอกที่ทำวิจัยบางส่วน (สำหรับปริญญาเอกของฉัน) เกี่ยวกับการลดความเสี่ยงและการเปลี่ยนแปลงสภาพภูมิอากาศของโรงแรมรีสอร์ทเกสต์เฮาส์ในเกาะเต่า
หากต้องการจบการศึกษาก็คงจะดีถ้าเจ้าของหรือผู้จัดการธุรกิจของคุณสามารถแชร์เวลาในการตอบคำถามออนไลน์ได้ 9 นาที คำตอบจะไม่ระบุตัวตนและจะใช้สำหรับการค้นคว้าอิสระของฉันทำให้ฉันสามารถจบการศึกษาได้ โปรดหาลิงค์ไปที่แบบสอบถามด้านล่าง:
ตลอดสัปดาห์ที่จะมาถึงนี้ฉันก็จะอยู่ที่เกาะเต่าและหวังว่าฉันจะได้มีโอกาสพบปะกับคุณด้วยตัวเอง ในกรณีที่คุณมีคำถามหรือต้องการกรอกแบบสอบถามบนกระดาษโปรดติดต่อฉัน ขอบคุณมากสำหรับเวลาและการสนับสนุนของคุณ
PhD Researcher
Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR),
University College London (UCL)

Please consider the environment before you print this email.


Rok August 03, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are 3 adults + 1 year old baby and we are coming to Koh Tao between 7.8. – 11.8.. Do you have any (double) room available where we could put extra adult bed?

We are also flexible with dates +-1 day.

Thank you.

Best regards,



Manuel August 10, 2018

Good afternoon very name is Manuel I am from Spain and it is the first time I travel to Thailand. I like to know how much a Bungalow would be on the beach for two people. The date would be from December 27 to December 31, thanks


Alan August 28, 2018

Looking to visit the island for 3-4 days and would like to know availability for bungalow on the beach looking to arrive next week August 3rd to 6th


Sarthak September 07, 2018

Hi. Wanted a room for 2 nights. Check in 11th Sept. whats the best price you can give me. Thanks.


Alan September 08, 2018

Like to book a room and possible beginner diving for two


Bree September 08, 2018

Hello, I would like to book a room for tomorrow night close or on the beach. I would like to know the price for the fan room and the price for the air conditioned room? Thank you 🙂
Thank you. Bree


Bree September 09, 2018

Please call me so I can book 🙂 thank you. I would like the 500 Thai baht fan bungalow I was shown yesterday 🙂 thank you



Janine September 13, 2018

Hi there, do you have a transfer from the peer to the resort?
Thank you


Iris September 14, 2018

Dear Mr/Mrs,

I would like to ask which kind accommodation you have and what the prices are?

Thank you in advance!


Iris September 14, 2018

Dear Mr/Mrs,

I would like to ask which kind accommodation you have and what the prices are?

Thank you in advance!


Griffon September 18, 2018

We are a family of 4 people (2 adults and 2 childs (21 and 14 years old). We expect to stay from the 17 th of february 2019 for 2 nights. What are your best prices for 2 bedrooms (2 bungalows or 1 with 2 bedrooms) (close each other). We will also dive with you (what are your prices)
Looking forward to read you


Katie September 22, 2018

Hello, Sorry for the late post but looking for a dive master/guide for two advanced divers in the following areas in Puerto Rico:
Isabella Caverns
La Natural
Crash Boat
Sugar Mill
Thank you!


Michael October 17, 2018

do you have a bungalow from 27th to 29th of Novemnber available for two persons? How can we make a reservation? Only through and so on?


trochel October 18, 2018

sawasdee krap,
i would like to know if u have bungalows for the followings dates 28/12/2018 to 06/01/2019.
kop kun krap,
best regards


Demeulemeester November 08, 2018

Hello, we are a family (2 adults and children 3 and 5 years old), we would like to reserve a room for 5 nights (26 january 2019 to 31 january 2019). Do you still have a room available?
Thank you.


Demeulemeester November 10, 2018

Hello, I booked a room with from the 26 january 2019 to the 31 january 2019. The name is Demeulemeester Chloé. But I make a mistake because we are arrinving the 25 january 2019 (1 days before) and we re leaving the 30 january 2019.We have already payed by internet on Is it possible to change the day of the arrival and the day to leave? Reservation number : 8111009.1148
Thank you for your answer


Émilie November 14, 2018


We like book room for the 3 nights 17, 18, 19 february 2019.

We are 2 family : 2 adults, 2 children (5 and 7 years old) and 2 adults, 3 children (4, 8 and 14 years old)

Have you availables family rooms ? And how much is the price.

Thank you



Lucas November 16, 2018

Hello, we have a reservation in your resort at the name of Lucas Poyet from 17 november to 20 november.
We have a problem, lomprayah boat company cancel the boat a 1pm from chumpton so we will take a night boat.. Is it possible to change our reservation to 18 until 21 november ? Thank you for your answer, Lucas


Mette November 28, 2018

we are going to Koh tao i february and will like to take a diving course.
But my son at 12 is not that good at english, so i want to be sure that there will be a person to teach us, who can speak danish
And will there be a book in danish?
hope for positiv ansewer
Best regards Mette


Rodger December 11, 2018


Im looking for 2 bungalow with aircon
30 dec – 7 jan?



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