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Tonga, is a miniature kingdom in the heart of Polynesia, is one of the world’s few remaining constitutional monarchies. Ruled by His Majesty King Taufa’ahau IV Tonga, Tonga preserves ancient traditions alongside policies designed to stimulate economic development and improve the well-being of the 96,000 Tongans. Tonga is famous for the humpback whale migrations through its waters.

Every year humpback whales undertake one of the longest migrations known to man, which takes one population from their feeding grounds in Antarctic waters to their Tongan breeding grounds. These whales form part of an Antarctic feeding population south of New Zealand and Australia but little is known about the migration path of this small population and their movements between the Southwestern Pacific Islands. A chance to see these majestic animals is an experience of a lifetime. You also cannot beat the diving in Tonga. The waters are crystal clear with the visibility averaging 100 ft plus. A big plus for the diving is the incredible variety found all in one group of magnificent islands. Tonga diving offers hard corals that truly are untouched, and soft coral gardens with rainbows of colors. One of the best life size Gorgonia fan dives in the South Pacific is located in Vava’u, a small island group in the north of the Kingdom of Tonga. Unique caves and caverns, spectacular underwater archways, large black coral trees, and wall dives that vanish into the inky blue. Also the wreck of the Clan McWilliam which sank over 65 years ago sitting upright and is still intact. There are over 50 islands in the Tonga group so one can only imagine all the wonderful dive sites that are still being discovered and explored.

Best Diving Destinations in Tonga

When you are not whale watching here are some dive sites all located in Vava’u.

King Neptune’s Sea Fan Grotto

The size of the sea fans on this dive are beyond belief. Flute fish and butterfly fish swim gracefully through the fans as the Clown Fish triggers dart back and forth. After passing the fans you enter “Clown Fish Heaven” home for hundreds of anemones and every size of clown fish possible. This dive is a photographer’s dream.

Mariner’s Cave

This cave can not be seen above water, it can only be found underwater. There are two entrances to the cave, the diver’s entrance at 50 ft and the snorkeler’s entrance at 12 ft. Once inside that cave you slowly surface into the most magnificent 40 ft high chamber with beautiful rock formations and stalactites. Inside the chamber it will turn into a blue-green fog then clear as the swell goes in and out making you think your mask has fogged up. Only seconds later the air is crystal clear again. The adventure repeats itself with each swell. Magic! Truly Magic!

Hunga Magic

This is the dive site for the soft coral lover. Deep magenta, pastel pink and sunny yellow soft corals abound throughout this dive.

The Clan McWilliam

The beautiful old copra steamer sank in the 1920’s with brass portholes, mast and crows nest still in place. The wreck is teaming with bat angelfish, and snappers galore. Legend has it that the Captain and Chief engineer went down with her. Some say as they descend onto the upper deck they can feel the presence of the Captain watching over his mighty ship.

Split Rock

This dive is appropriately named. This 40 x 40 ft rock looks as if God took an ax and split the rock in half. Divers can swim through the middle of the split. The hard coral reef is adorned with Christmas tree worms of every color. A couple of friendly white tip reef sharks bid you farewell from their cave near the end of the dive. sharks bid you farewell from their cave near the end of the dive.

When to Visit Tonga

The Season for Humpback whale trips is from July – November. The scuba diving season is best from March – May.

Travel tips

Feeling inspired to visit Tonga? Check out our Tonga travel guide and start planning your next diving trip!

Dive Sites Reviews in Tonga

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Liveaboard Reviews in Tonga

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Miki August 23, 2017

I’d like to book whale Swimming and one diving from 30th Aug to 2nd Sep.
Is that available?


Xu August 25, 2017

Dear Paul & Karen,

I’m Xu, and my friends and I are really interesting about going to Tonga next August. Four of my Chinese friends came to Tonga 6 years ago, and they recommended you. We can’t make sure how many ppl we will have for the trip, but probably 5-10, and we’d like to do 3 days for whale watching and 1 day for scuba diving. Could you please recommend us a cost-effective hotel near your store? And if it’s possible, could you please provide some discount? Thank you so much! Looking forward your replying!


samira August 27, 2017

Hi 🙂
I am visiting Tonga from the 19th – 30th September and would love to go diving and swimming with whales. How far in advance should I book with you? Is it possible to just show up and book?
Thank you!


Paige August 28, 2017


I’m a solo traveller and I’m looking to dive on 21 September swim with whales on 22 and 23 September. Do you have availability then?

Thanks 🙂


Andrew August 28, 2017


Me and my girlfriend will be arriving in Tonga from September 12 to September 16, 2017. We will go whale snorkeling / free diving. Do you have any good offer for us to do whale swimming?

Thank you.

Kind regards.



Crystal August 31, 2017

Hi I’m Crystal. My husband and I will be in Vava’u September 15th to the 20th. We would really like to swim with the whales or maybe just watch if we’re not brave enough to swim. I’m wondering if you have any availability for whale swimming during that time period?

Thank you


Carmen and Michael September 04, 2017

Malo e lelei,
we are interested in a Whale watching/swimming tour on 24th or 25th October 2017. Are you still operating and do you have 2 places available?
Ofa atu, Carmen and Michael


Crystal September 10, 2017

Do you have any availability for Whale swimming Sept 14, 15, 16, 18, or 19?


Margaret September 11, 2017

I read about you in 50 Places to Dive Before you Die.
Well I have a simple note on my desk for some time now and it says “Tonga Whales” !
I am thrilled to have a contact. I have been diving for many years. My dream is to be in the water either diving or snorkeling with whales.
Preferably diving. My husband and I would love to set up a privately guided event . We are both older but quite fit.
What would be the best time to come to Tonga to realize this dream.
And is this something you can facilitate for us?
Looking very forward to hearing from you! My husband and I feel life is not a dress rehearsal , we want this experience very much!


Toby September 12, 2017

Hi we would like to book a whale swim on 25 September – would you have any vacancies?
We arrive on the ship Pacific Jewel at 8am and need to be back on board at 6pm.
Toby and Jo


Xu September 14, 2017

Hey, I’m Xu and I’m really interested in diving with whales. We are planning to go Vava’u next August (probably Aug.22th-25th). We’d like to do 3 days of whale watching and dives. Can I ask if you have availability for those days? We probably will have 8 ppl. Best regards! Looking forward your replying.


Margaret September 14, 2017

This is Margaret and Mike touching base again. Would like to set up a dive experience to dive with the whales. If you could let me know what the potential for this is and when would be the best time? Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you in advance.
Mike and Margaret


PAUL September 25, 2017


Do you have any availability to dive for 2 people on Thursday 28th September?



Ian October 23, 2017

We are looking for a new dive and whale watch company in vavau and have been recommended your dive operation




XINGYIN November 07, 2017

I wanna check availability for whale swim on 11 Aug,13 Aug,14 Aug 2018, thanks.


Sandra November 11, 2017

I would like to book 3 divers on 12 January 2018
3 divers twin dive
2 snorkellers
Weights and tanks
Thanks you


Shawna November 15, 2017

Hello! My fiance and I will be spending our honeymoon in Tonga the week of August 13th, 2018 and would love to go swimming or diving with whales. What is your availability and cost? Thanks!


Dennis November 16, 2017

We would like to go snorkeling on Jan 3 or 4. There are two us. Is it available and what is the cost?



Janelle November 19, 2017

My husband and I will be in Tonga for a whale trip Aug 12-22, 2019. I am looking at what we can do before or after this trip – we are both underwater photographers with 1000+ dives. I found your site after reading a review on undercurrent. Is it possible to scuba dive with you around this time, or are your boats full up with whale watchers/snorkelers? If we can dive, where do we stay?


Aki November 20, 2017

I’ll go to vavau island from in 21st of Dec to 23rd of Dec. I really want to dive 22nd of Dec. my flight is 11:10am in 23rd.

Please mail me back.

Thank you, Aki


capucine December 02, 2017

Malo e lelei!
As you can see I am planning to stay about a month in Vava’u starting from mid September 2018.
I have my own accommodation on the main island (next to the shipyard) and hope to do about 10 days trips during my stay (maybe more).
I don t really have a schedule, but I think you probably do, so let me know if I can join you guys in between the dates I pulled off… You would definitely make my day!
Last detail: I am a freediving instructor so I am a good swimmer and carry my own gear. I have been to Vava’u before so I also know how to behave in the water and what to expect from Mother Nature!
I hope to hear from you soon,
Malo Aupito!


Gretchen December 13, 2017

Hi There
I’m wondering if you have any availability for whale tours / swimming within the window 9 August and 13 August (inclusive).
Many thanks


Kym December 15, 2017

Hi There! I am busy planning our first ever overseas family holiday onboard Royal Caribbean Radiance of the Seas and Vava’u (Neiafu) is one of our shore stops

I was really impressed with the recent reviews I discovered on TripAdvisor for your snorkelling experiences and Swallow Cave tours service and am hoping that you would be available to take an Aussie family of four under your wing for the day? My hubby, Jim, myself and our two teenage daughters, Keely 17 and Tia 15.

We would be arriving in Neiafu on 12 January 2018 at approx. 8 am with the ship departing at 5pm that evening.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Terry January 03, 2018

We will be in Tonga in August 2018 and my husband, a PADI certified instructor would like to do 2 days diving. If possible on the 8th & 13th of August. Please could you advise availability and how to make a booking


james January 11, 2018


We are a family of 4 arriving in Vavau tomorrow 12th jan 2017 for the day
on royal Caribbean ship radiance of the sea.

Would you have any snorkelling trips we could book please?



Anne January 11, 2018

We are in Vava’u today (off cruise ship). We are interested in a dive. Just checking if you are PADI or SSI? Also your location and dive availability?
Thanks anne


Abbi January 16, 2018

Hi, I am looking at booking an afternoon and night dive for two people on the 20th of June, just wondering when it would depart?
Thanks Abbi


Kit January 18, 2018


How are you? We are a group of three who would like to come swim with whales in September until early October. We are interested in doing about 3-4 days of swim. Please advise if there’s any availability during that period. Thank you so much.


Ben January 22, 2018

Hi. Arriving in Vava’u 25 Jan, what dives do you have on?


Prashun January 24, 2018


I wanted to check if you have availability for 2 divers between the 20-22nd of Feb. 6 dive package – clients are staying at Harbourview Resort


Dale January 28, 2018

Visiting Vavau – August 28 to September 5th

Would like to do a combination of Whale watching and diving.

My wife and I are avid divers and have Advanced Open Water experience, over 80 dives in the last 3 years, and will be bringing our own dive equipment including wetsuits. Our current itinerary has us arriving on the 10am flight and departing on the 4:30 flight back to TBU.

Can you recommend an itinerary and pricing to do as many dives possible with enough Whale watching to get a good experience.

Dale and Beth


Alexandra February 21, 2018


We are touroperator company and biggest Diving Club in Russia are searching for the private boat for 3-5 pax for whale swim (4-5 days ) in the period from 1 to 8 September 2018
Our guests will stay in Reef Resort Vava’u
Please advise the availability for boats and price for it.
Please also advise availability for not private boat for the same dates


Dan February 22, 2018


My wife and I are arriving on Vava’u late next week to spend a few months diving, snorkelling and exploring Tonga.

We will be looking for a good dive shop to make friends with and help us explore the area both over and underwater.

We’re both fairly experienced divers with our own equipment and a real interest in underwater photography.

A few questions:

On days we don’t dive we’d be keen to do some snorkelling – will we need booties & open heel fins for shore access or will full foot tropical fins do the job OK?

We’d be keen to rent a place to live that isn’t too pricey nearby – so we can get to you and some good snorkelling quite easily (happy to rent mopeds or bikes if needed). Have you got any suggestions?

Do you have accomodation for divers if we need somewhere to stay for a bit when we arrive around March 2-3rd?

How is the general situation following the clear up after Cyclone Gita? We were horrified when we heard what had happened.

thank you so much for your help, sorry ffor the barrage of questions & hope to see you soon!

Dan & Jacqui


Jeremy March 10, 2018

Dear all

We are looking for a whale swimming tour, our planing will stay at Tonga beach resort from July 27 until August 3. So we are two people and we plan to do the whale swimming on 7/28, 7/30,8/1,8/2( 4 days) and a day (7/31) for scuba diving.
Is these days is available for you? Does your whale tour including lunch and wetsuit? I’m looking forward to your reply.

Best regards


Monika March 31, 2018

we’d like to go swimming with the whales for 3 days between Sept 7 and 11, 2 persons.
Do you have any spaces available? How much would it be, how many peolpe on the boat?


Lizzie July 01, 2018

Hi there
I am very interested in visiting next year. I have a six week holiday end July to August or a week at end of October. What would the better time of year be for humpbacks please. Thanks . Lizzie


Karis July 03, 2018

Hi there,
I wated to make a booking to swim with the wahles on July 8, July 9 and potentially July 10. Are these dates available?



Sebastien July 04, 2018


I would like to book a whale swim tour for 2 persons preferably the 15 August 2018 but any dates between 15 August 2018 and 19 August 2018 could work.

Would you have any availability ?

Thank you,


Rhys July 05, 2018


My girlfriend and I will be travelling to Vava’u in September and want to know if there is any availability left to swim with the whales while we are there. We arrive from Nadi on Tuesday the 18th of September at 10:10am and haven’t booked our onward flight to Tongatapu yet but we are thinking of flying out on either the 21st or 22nd of September (depending on when we can do our whale swim and dive). We are most interested in the whale swim but we are also interested in doing a day of diving. Do you have any availability on those dates? Also, do you offer any discounts on people doing diving and a whale swim?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



Ramon July 11, 2018

Hi There, all good?

So I wish know it the prices to swim with the whales in Vavau is the same listed on the site? I’m planning go early september. And you guy have some cheap accommodation to stay for one single person?




Claire July 12, 2018


I was just emailing to enquire if there was two spaces available on your Vava’u swim with whales tour on on the 4th-8th of October 2018. This would be for snorkeling.

Kind regards,


Becky July 16, 2018

Hi, my friend and I will be in Vavau for 6 nights and was wondering if you do a dive package? We would love to dive and snorkel with the whales too.
Where are you based?
Do you pick up from accomodation?


Tania July 17, 2018


We would like to book a whale swim for September 2019, could you please let us know if

1. If you have 4 days available we could book the entire boat?
2. How many fit on the boat?
3. What would be the cost?
4. If not the entire boat how many spots available?

It doesn’t need to be consecutive days.

Thank you


Alejandro July 21, 2018


my girlfriend and I are flying to Vavau on the 3rd of September for 5 days. Could you please let us know if you have availability on the swimming with whales trips on those days?

Thanks 🙂


Baptiste July 22, 2018

I m looking for a session of whales swimming in Vava’u in Tonga from the date 20/09 to 24/09
I ll like to know if you have some schedule for those dates
Thank regards.


Harry July 23, 2018

HI me and my friend arrive 7th and are looking to go ding and whale swimming. How much is a dive per person and how much I’s the whale tour ?




Harry July 24, 2018

Hi I’m just wondering if you have any availability for the one dive plus whale swim for 7th August for 2 people? Please let me know asap.




Susan July 29, 2018

Good morning,
I am looking for a vacation during September 2019 or 2020 to dive/snorkel with the whales. I am a PADI MSDT and would love to dive off of your island and snorkel with the whales. Let me know your availability and when would be the best time to see these majestic creatures. Thank you and have a great day.


Shanna July 30, 2018

I’m looking at flying in on Sept 25th with another friend and we are looking to book some diving during the week. I have a few question? Where are you located? Do you have transportation that you provide from various locations on Vava’u? Also, do you have any availability during the week of Sept 25th?


LEE August 01, 2018

Hello. My name is Lee, I have 1 woman. I want to swim from August 23rd to August 24th, 2018. please let me know if it’s possible or not. We look forward to your reply.


Sam August 01, 2018

I am arriving in Vavau August 18th and leaving August 22nd. Hoping very much to dive or free dive with the humpbacks.

If it helps me at all, I am a PADI Instructor working in fiji.

Thanks so much


Daniel August 01, 2018


I am planning to visit the Vava’u islands with my wife sometime on late September, early October (still checking with Fiji Airways the flights from Nadi). I wish to know if you would have availability around those dates for diving+swimming with whales. Are those dates still good to spot whales?

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,


emily August 02, 2018

Do you have any dates available between 16th and 18thr August for a whale swim?


Rok August 03, 2018

looking for a spot for three people for whale swimming any time from september 2nd to september 5th. this is also our first time doing this so some information would be greatly appreciated. !


Sharon August 03, 2018

Malo e lelei. Do you happen to have a couple of spaces on your boat for one day of whale watching on either 11, 12 or 13 September 2018?

Best regards



Lotta August 05, 2018

Hi! Do you have availability for whale swimming between 12.10.18 and 19.10.18? Diving interest us also.


roland August 07, 2018

Hello, I will come wednesday the 8th to vava’u, is there diving available after the 9th? I stay till 16th.
Please let me know.
Thank you,


Thorsten August 07, 2018

I am 8-13.8 in Vavau and looking for

1 day diving (2 dives) 1 Person (CAMS **, last dive was last week)


1 day whale swim 2 Persons (1 adult, 1 girl 10 year)

Which days are available, where do you leave and how much does it cost?

Best regards


Giulia August 09, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are a couple interested in diving in the next days, starting from tomorrow. Do you offer something?


Astrid August 11, 2018

Hi there

I would like to know if you do any snorkeling tours that include Swallows Cave? If so, do you by chance have any availability between 26-28 of this month?

Thank you



Kareem August 11, 2018

Ill be in Vavao from Sept 4-11. Looking for availability for whale swim and scuba diving. I am only 1 person. Can you please let me know your availability.


Jane August 13, 2018

I am staying at The Tonga Resort in Vava’u and am only there for two days: I arrive at 10am on September 29, So the only opportunity I have for a full day trip is on September 30. This is the Sunday which I understand is a day where many operators don’t take trips out. Can you please let me know if you operate on September 30 and if I’m able to book and a whale swimming excursion with you?


Jenny August 14, 2018

Hi, I’m visiting Vavau with a friend and we wanted to see if you have space for 2 for afternoon dive on Aug 23rd?

Thank you,


Robin August 14, 2018

It is possible to go snorkeling in November with the Whales ?
Thanks for the answer


Jenny August 15, 2018

Hello, I would like to book 2 afternoon dives for Aug 23rd for two.

Thank you,


kaoru August 16, 2018

i and my friend ( 2 of us) would like to go diving with ur company on 23rd aug afternoon if you have available slot. please let me know! thank you!


Zoé August 17, 2018


We’re a Belgian couple coming to visit Tonga during the first week of September and we’re really interrested in trying to swim with whales.
We would like to have some more informations about your ‘whale swim/watching’ day trip.

We would like to know how the day trip is schedulded ? How many people are on board ? Are all gear, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, weights included in price ? Is there a toilet/bathroom on board ?
Is the tax included in your price (we saw some companies add 15% taxes on the price) ? Is there a compensation, refund or any discount if we unfortunatly don’t see/swim with any whales ?

And, most important, do you have availabilities for two people during two days between the 30th of August and the 13th September ? 🙂

Thanks in advance for your feedback,



Maurivan August 18, 2018

do you still have a place to swim with the whales on August 21 (tomorrow)?


Tania August 19, 2018

Just wondering if you have any availability for Whale Swim 2019? Looking to book for 2 to 4 people for 4 days. Doesn’t need to be consecutive days.


Elena August 19, 2018


I’m looking for a whale swimming tour operator in Vavau, can you please confirm availability and price for:
1. Whale swimming tour – 1 person – Aug 31 and/or Sep 1 – available? price per day?
2. Whale swimming tour – 2 persons – Sep 2 and/or Sep 3 – available? price per day per person?
3. Whale scuba diving tour (Advanced PADI certified) – 1 person – Aug 31 and/or Sep 1 – available? price per day?
4. Whale scuba diving tour (Advanced PADI certified) – 2 persons – Sep 2 and/or Sep 3 – available? price per day per person?

Thanks a lot and hope to book something with you!

Best regards,


Fernanda August 19, 2018

Hi, im Fernanda

I am looking to plan a trip to tonga for 5 days of whale watching in august 2019.
We are a group of 6 from Mexico going to celebrate my 30th birthday

Could you please send me prices, availability and also any accommodation recommendations?
Can you give me a good price for 6 people?

Thank you.
Really looking forward to this.


Joergen August 26, 2018

Whale watching 5 pax on the 4 and 5 of September


Risa August 26, 2018

I am interested in doing whale watching and scuba diving in this coming October.
Could you please give me details of informations about those tours?(such as prices, available days, and so on)

Thank you


Reymundo August 29, 2018


I’m wishing to see if there is an opening available for a Whale Swim on Monday, Sept 24 in Vava’u?


BRETTON August 30, 2018


I’m enquiring about availability for whale swimming September 17-21 for two adults and two children, 9 & 12. Please let me know.

Thanks, Brett


Juliette August 30, 2018

Dear Sir Madam,

My husband and I will be in Vava’u end of October. Even though it is the end ofthe season we are hoping to still see the whales. Are you still performing day trips for whale watching on 25 and 26 October? If yes, what is the price?
We also want to dive on either 26 or 27 October. How much per person for 1 day of diving (2 dives including equipment)?

Thank you for answering my questions.

Kind regards, Juliette


Gonzalo September 02, 2018

Hello, I am planning a trip to Tonga this October (17 – 25) do you have spaces avaliable for those dates? Can you send me the prices?

I would like to do scuba and swimming/diving with whales.

About me: PADI DiveMAster 200+ dives



Casey September 04, 2018

Hey I would love to book a place for a whale swim on either Weds 26, Thurs 27 or Friday 28th of Sept. Just for one person. Could you please let me know rates and availability.

Kind regards,



Dan September 05, 2018


My name is Dan, I am interested in snorkeling with whales and was wondering if you have availability in late September and if it is still a good time to see wales.

Thank you!


Jeff September 05, 2018


I’ll be visiting in a few weeks and was wondering if it’s possible for you all to fill an O2 rebreather cylinder? Thanks!


Georg September 08, 2018

hey. i would love to do whale swimming and diving with you. i arrive on the 19.9.2018 and probably stay until the 27th.
please let me know availability, and how many go sinning at the same time.
best georg


Marie September 11, 2018

Good afternoon,

My husband and I are planning to visit your beautiful island for our honeymoon, and on this occasion we would like to swim with whales, and maybe do some diving as well.

As I understand, September would be towards the end, but still during the appropriate period of the year for whales encounter?

As we would like to come in September 2019 (our dates are flexible during that month).

What kind of programs could you propose (safari, cruise, or else), and for what rate?

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Many thanks in advance and warm regards,



Marsha October 12, 2018

Hello we are going on the Paul Gauguin cruise ship next September. One of the places we go to is Savusavu, Vanua Levu, Fiji. Is that were your tours are located? Are we actually able to Scuba Dive with whales? We don’t want to just swim or snorkel with them.We are advanced certified divers.That is why we are taking this cruise
Thank you, Marsha Otani


Kaoru October 13, 2018

Can i join whale swim on 15th monday?
I’ll arrive at airport 07:30


Lotta October 19, 2018

hello! do you still go for a whale swim next week? we are looking for a whale swim


Linda November 15, 2018

We are interested in doing a snorkling trip with you Nov 16th. We are arriving on the Holland America cruise ship. Please advise us of availability and cost, Thank you Linda & Doug Stuart


Liron November 27, 2018


My name is Liron Gertsman, and I’m a wildlife photographer from British Columbia, Canada. I’m currently a student studying biology at the University of British Columbia, but in the months when I’m off school (May through August), I pursue photography full time, exploring and adventuring in my beautiful province and beyond. I also use this time to lead nature lovers and photographers in the field as a guide and workshop leader, as well as speak and present about nature and photography at community organizations and photo clubs.

This year has been a big year for me photographically. I’m proud to announce my images swept first, second and third place in the youth category of the Audubon Photography Awards. This is the first time this had happened in the history of the Audubon awards. Furthermore, I was highly commended in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year, which exhibits in 60 major venues across 60 continents, being seen by millions of people worldwide.

In recent years, I’ve also realized just how powerful social media can be as tool to share photos to a global audience. In a changing world, I feel that it is critical that I use my photography as a tool for conservation. My goal with social media is to show through my photos just how incredible and worth protecting the natural world is, to as many people as possible. Currently, I’m reaching a quickly growing following of well over 10,000 across my social media platforms.

In the past, I’ve worked with nature-related tour companies by photographing the wildlife and guests, creating a portfolio of images to help promote the company. I’m emailing you to inquire about the potential of collaborating with you; I’d love to work with your company as a photographer in residence. I would photograph all aspects of your tour, and grant you use of the images to help promote your company. I’d also promote your company by documenting my time with you on my social media and website. I may consider provision of my services in exchange for covering my expenses.

If you’d like to check out my work, you can do so on my website. I also post daily updates on my Instagram.

Thanks for your time! I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email me or call me if you want to discuss ideas or details.

All the best,



Isabella November 27, 2018


Is this site still existent?

I would love to know rates for November 2019.


aurelia November 28, 2018

Hello, I would like to know the price per person per day please to swim with whales? I would like to do 3 outings in August. Thank you


Mel December 02, 2018

Hi, do you have any trips going out this week? I am just 1 person. I have my own gear (except weights and tanks) and advanced open water certification. My number is 845 0779. Would love to go for a couple dives. Let me know. Cheers, Mel


jonathan December 09, 2018

I would like to come to Tonga in August-September 2019 with my family (me, my wife and our two kids: 2 year and 5 year) to swim with whales.
It is one of our bucket list dream 🙂
What are the services you can propose us?
Do you offer private tours? What are the dates available, the prices…?
Do you think my kids could swim with whales too? My boy is a really good swimmer



simona December 12, 2018

we would like to dive with sharks in July 2019. It would be fine to find an accommodation, too and probably make a trip to Tonga. Could you please, inform us, what you can organize for us and we would appreciate your reccomedation or advice. Thank you for your help.
Simona (Czech Republic)


Eli December 15, 2018

Hi dear team,
do you still operate and are the prices on your website up to date?
Please send an overview of your rates, as we (3pax) are interested in the diving and whale swimming options.



Pavel December 18, 2018

I have a group of divers who want to come for 3days of whale watching + maybe 1-2days of diving to Vavau. The best time would be september 2019.
Can you organize for us this service?
Best regards Pavel


jessica December 23, 2018

Hello, we are coming in August 2019 to swim with the whales and would also like to book some dives


Kate January 03, 2019


Could you please let me know if you would have availability for 2 people to come on whale swimming trip in late August (22-26th) or September (11-20th) 19.



Kylie January 07, 2019

Hi Dive Vava’u

My name is Kylie and I am a Travel agent for Travel Associates in Brisbane, Australia and I have clients (2 Adults) wanting to book a Whale Swim day trip for the day of Thursday 5th September 2019. My clients will be staying at the Reef Resort Vava’u (who has recommended for me to contact you) so will you be able to pick up/drop off from the resort.

My clients will be staying at the Reef resort check in the 4th to check out 11th September 2018 so if you didn’t have availability on the 5th September, we could do any other day (6th to 10th September) that my clients are at the resort.

Your reply would be greatly appreciated with pricing and availability and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards


Hiroyuki January 18, 2019

Hi! I am Hiroyuki in Japan. I am considering visiting Tonga for my honeymoon. I am interested in whales swim. Please tell me the best season and the number of days and prices needed. I also want to try diving in Vava’u. Can we rental the diving equipment? And how much is it? Is the accommodation area Bau Bau Island? Best regards, Hiro


Isabel January 19, 2019

Hello from Spain! We are a couple traveling to Tonga next August and we would like to receive information about prices and dates available in August for the whale swimming. We’ve heard that dates are being booked fast and we need to make a decision asap. Thank you very much!


Isabel January 20, 2019

Hello from Spain,

We are a couple planning a trip to Tonga next summer. We are interested in swimming with whales in Tonga, either in July or August, and we would like to receive information about prices and what things are included in your tours . We would appreciate if you could inform us about the possibility of doing a one day tour and when there are higher chances of seeing the whales (supposing there is no sight of whales in the day we sail, is there any kind of refund?)

Thanks very much in advance,



Minsu January 21, 2019

Hi! We are a couple getting married this August!

We are traveling to Tonga for our honeymoon and would like to experience whale swimming.

Hence we would like to know if it is possible to book for a whale swim on 16th September 2019.

We would like to know several things:
1. Total cost of Whale swim with basic snorkel equipments(mask, fin, snorkel) + swimsuit

2. If we should bring our own cameras (e.g. goPro) for photographs.

We would really like to experience the ocean in Vava’u!



Isabel January 23, 2019

Hello there!

I contacted your business a couple of days ago to get information about your tours for swimming with whales in Tonga. We are traveling from Spain but haven’t bought any plane tickets yet since we need to know if we will be able to book a tour or not. For that purpose we need to get info about prices, conditions and availability as soon as possible so that we can finish organizing our trip.I would greatly appreciate that you contact me as soon as possible.



Sevda January 24, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

We’re a diving tour operator based in Istanbul, Turkey.

We’ll have 1 diver to Tonga between 07-16 August. He is an underwater photographer, he mainly wants to take the pictures of humpback whales. He would like to do normal dives as well.
Could you give me a quotation for 9 nights accomodation on full board basis, 7 days diving, return airport transfers? He’ll bring his own diving equipment.
How is whale watching diving? Do you do it by snorkel or tank?
Is it possible to see sharks?
How do we get there? airport name? which airlines?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Victoria January 24, 2019


I’m trying to organise a boat for 4 days of whale swims for 9 people.

Dates we are hoping to book – 13/14/16/17th August 2019.

I’m aware that we may need 2 boats. Do you have anything available?! (Even if you have one or two days available I’d be interested in booking.)

Very much look forward to hearing from 🙂

Kind Regards



Natasha January 28, 2019

Malo e lelei,

I was recommended your company through a friend. I am travelling to Vava’u to swim with the whales.
Do you have any spaces available for 2 people on these dates:
Tuesday 3rd Sept
Wednesday 4th Sept
Thursday 5th Sept

Thanks in advance,



Tomoyuki January 30, 2019

Dear Sir or Madam

My name is Tomoyuki Nakazawa working for Saiyu Travel Co.,Ltd in Japan.
( )
This is my first time to send you Message.

We will have some tour for Whale swim&diving 2020 or after and looking for partners.

・How many people can participate at one time?
・Do I need to charter a ship when going with many customers? (15pax possible?)

I’d like to bring along many customers, can you tell me the date we can make a reservation?
Please let us know if you have reservation conditions etc.

I already have customers, so I would like to set a tour.

Awaiting your reply soon.

With best regards,



Cassie February 11, 2019


I’m looking at booking whale swims in the last week of August 2019. Could you please send through availability and price.


Evelyn February 13, 2019

Hi Dive Vava’u,

My partner and I are interested in seeing the whales (possibly 3 days) in Aug 2019. If possible, can you provide me with the current prices per day, per person? Would there be a discount if we brought our own snorkel equipment (mask, snorkel, fins)?

Thank you!



Christian February 16, 2019

Dear Sirs,

I will be in Vava’u from 1st to 6th of September and want to book some day whale diving trips. Is this possible and how much would it cost?
Best regards


Lauren March 02, 2019

Hi, I am looking to book to go whale swimming with my husband. Do you have availability from the 29th August to 4th September 2019 please?


Gaga March 07, 2019

Good afternoon, I am interested in diving. We are party of three certified divers. We work on a cruise ship that will come to Vava’u on March 25th and we will be there from 11am to 7pm. My question is, is it possible to arrange dives? We are interested in whales if possible but I am aware that it is bit early to see them. We would like to do two dives one to see the corals and caves and one to be focused on animals.




Beverly March 08, 2019

We are interested in booking with your company . We are a family of 5 , 4 of us are advanced divers , I am an x diver and experienced snorkeler. Due to our ability we would be interested in your best diving sites (weather permitting ). Do you have a package deal for us for a day ? We would bring our own masks and snorkels and possibly fins too . Sometime from 20th to 22 nd as we leave 23 rd September


carla March 11, 2019

Hi from Barcelona!
I want to swim with the whales. I am planning to do that from the 1st to the 3rd August 2019, both included. Would that work for you? Do you have availability?
If you don’t have availabilitu those days, I could adapt my days. I will be around from the 20th of July to 5th August.
I want to ask you how much would be the experience of swiming with whales. I will come on my own and i won’t need any accomodation, i just want the whale trip. I have read that it is safer to book a minimum of 3 days, to assure a perfect encounter and swim. Could you tell me how much would that cost and what would be included?
Please, let me know. I am so excited with this adventure.



Doris March 13, 2019

Hi there,
my name is Doris and me and my husband arrive on March 18 at about 7:00 a.m. with the cruiseship AMADEA in the cruiseport of Neiafu.
We would like to do 2 dives with you on that day and my questions are:
Could you pick us up from the wharf?
What does a package of 2 dives including all equipment cost per person?
When would we be back at the wharf? (Our ship leaves at 5 p.m. which means we have to be back at latest 4:00 p.m.)
FYI: We are both experiences dives with 200 / 2000 dives.

Looking forward to hearing from you, we send you best regards.


CLAUDIO March 17, 2019

Good morning, I am writing from Italy, I planed 14 daies in Vava’u from 29 of agoust to 12 of July 2019 and I want to book with your diving same exits for snorkling with whales.
I was thinking to book at least 4/5 exits in order to have more probability to swim with whales, do you whink is it enough?
I immagine that olso for diving vava’u is top, so I would like olso to have same dives..
Let me know how to book snorkling and dives.
I don’t know the island so if you have possibility can you provide olso to a not very expensive accomodation close your diving?it would be easier for me.
I wait for you answer.
thanks lots.



carla March 19, 2019


This is Carla, from Barcelona.
I would love to have a whale swim day with you. Any day between the 29th July and the 1st August.
Would you have a space for me? At what price?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards,



Line March 19, 2019


We are considering coming to Tonga from approx. 23rd to 30th August this year if we are still able to book a couple of days on a good boat to go swim with whales. For this we would like to ask you some questions:

• Do you have available slots within the suggested days?
• If so, what is the price per day? Any discount if we book several days?

Many thanks


Kevin March 20, 2019


Just checking your availability for swimming with Whales for three people between the 1st and 4th of August?

How often do boats go out and not have a change to swim, would you recommend booking multiple days in advance?


Kevin March 28, 2019

It is possible to book a snorkeling excursion with you directly? We will be arriving by cruise ship in April.


Andy April 02, 2019

Hi I read about your Humpback Whale diving in ’50 places to dive before you die’ and am really keen to do a one dive and Whale Swim package with you. We are looking to do between 17th and 19th August this year.


Barbara April 02, 2019

I am interested in booking two people for whale swimming for September 11 to September 15, 2019.
Could you please send me some information regarding your packages?
Thank you!


Andy April 02, 2019


We read about your operation in ’50 Places to Dive Before You Die’ and are really interested in doing a whale swim/ dive with you. Would we be able to arrange one for 17th/18th/19th of August?

Many thanks


Caroline April 12, 2019

Dear team,

we are a couple and would like to go snokeling with humpback whales in Vava’u. We are on the island approx. 5 July – 15 July. Do you have availability? Do we need to book in advance? And do you have (cheap) accommodation nearby your office, preferably a homestay?

Many thanks and hopefully see you soon!


Thomas April 13, 2019

We are humanitarian dentists working in the hospital in Vava’u July 8-13. Do you have available bookings for four adults in that week?


ERIC April 14, 2019

Hello, we will be from August 6th at 11.10AM at Vava’U airport, then to the Ocean side lodge, till August 9th ( departure in the afternoon)
We will be four, parents and our 21 years old twins boys. I saw your “swimming with whales” rates on your website ( 150 USD/day/pers
Do you think you can book for us 4 people on August 7th and 8th ?
Thank you and best wishes


beth May 08, 2019

We will be on the Holland America Amsterdam and are scheduled for Vava’U on Nov 29th. There are 2 of us and we are interested in snorkeling. Do you offer a snorkel trip that day? What is the timing of the trip? How long are we actually in the water snorkeling? How many snorkel stops do you make? Do you pick up and drop off where the cruise ship tenders? What is the cost? Thank you.


Katharina May 09, 2019

Hi there,
my name is Katharina.
My husband and I will be in Tonga for swimming with humpbacks from the 5th to the 16th of October 2019.
As we will arrive already one day earlier, on the 4th we would like to organize a 2 tank dive for the 5th of October.
We are both SCUBA instructors.
Can you tell me about availability and do you offer any instructor discounts?
Any information is appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

Best wishes,



Simon May 12, 2019

We‘re Simon and Lea, currently staying on Ofu Island. We would like to go snorkeling on Monday, if possible, around noon? Can you offer a tour?
Thanks, Simon


Amber May 13, 2019

Hi, Do you rent out dive weights please? We are looking to rent some for a week in June while we are there.
Kind regards, Amber Shaw


Portwine Guest House May 14, 2019

Hi there,

I’m looking for a boat to charter for a group in August 15th. And also 2 people to go on whale watch/swim for August 14th. Do you have anything available for those dates? Please us know.


Peter May 14, 2019

Hi, Can you please advise if equipment can be supplied on dive expiditions?


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