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Whale Sharks, locally known as Kwatisore bay, was gifted its name as it is home to some of the largest schools of whale sharks. When divers want to see Whale sharks, this is where they come. Whilst, it is possible to see Whale Sharks in many different parts of the world, this dive site provides divers with the largest numbers o Whale Sharks and the clearest waters to see them in and is really an incredible experience.

To reach Kwatisore bay one must pass Cenderawasih bay and head south; it is about 3 hours south close to the southern costal town Nabire. Cendrawasih Bay is any ecologist’s dream come true, combining islands, mangroves, terrestrial tropical forest systems, and of course, amazing coral reef ecosystems comprising a total area of 1,453,500 hectares. The dive site has great visibility ranging from 15 metres to around 30 metres and divers can expect a maximum dive depth of 20 metres.

Visit this beautiful site in the morning to be greeted by several whale sharks cornering their morning meal. The local fishermen consider the Whale Sharks as good omens and so feed them baitfish. This also saves the sardines nets of the local fishermen, as the Whale Sharks are less likely to attack there.

Whale sharks are often seen enjoying the bubbles of nearby divers as they pass over them anxiously trying to get a closer look, but they are generally very wary of divers and do not want to come into contact with divers. If whale sharks have been your dream sighting for a while, Kwatisore bay’s crystalline waters are assuredly the place for you.

Apart from the Whale sharks, the bay boasts over 200 different fish species. The site hosts turtles, fusiliers, stingrays and other shark varieties. Divers can also expect to see parrotfish, butterflyfish, damselfish, white molluscs like the cone shell, giant clams, and the trumpet triton.

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